Friday, May 21, 2010

swimming, salad and soy

The inaugural post!

All day I have been thinking about this post and how I want to structure it.
I'm not entirely sure how I want this blog to take shape but I'm sure it will make it's own way and find a nice route to follow.
So this is the plan in a nutshell (pistachio?); to list my daily food and then talk about it as I see fit. I will post recipes as well as reviews of food products, places I ate at and all things associated with food.

Breakfast (part 1): apple Clif C bar
I was due to be in the pool at 7am so grabbed this. It's my favourite current snack bar as it's small, moist and contains fruits, nuts and salt. Shame I have only found it in REI in the States (a huge outdoor/recreation store-basically heaven) so far. I bought a few back on my last visit and only have a couple left :-(

Breakfast (part 2-post swim
): Banana with maple almond butter

The swim was not good. It was my last chance swim before Monday's Triathlon but I had a terrible nights sleep and consequently bombed in the water. I hope that means race day will be awesome. I fear not. However, the post swim breakfast was very successful. It's one of my fave breakfasts and it was made all the better with my squeeze pouch of maple almond butter. Again, this was from REI in the states and is perfect for throwing in my bag, although I don't like the wastage from the individual packages. Not quite as easy to throw my jar of almond butter in there with a knife and all that. Can get fiddly and messy with the oil separation and it doesn't mix well with my keyboard when eaten at my desk. The sachets are great for squeezing the butter on to the banana, no plate or utensils required!

I have been making this salad all week and I'm not bored of it yet. Spinach, really ripe avocado, capers, Newmans Own Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing, canned tuna and sliced black olives. I'll be honest, it's the avocado I love the most and this particular specimen was at perfect ripeness. The capers go very well with it.

Portabello Mushroom Ragu from Clean Eating Magazine

Had not made this before but it was very easy and very yummy. everything I ever see and make from Clean Eating Magazine is delicious. I have decided to subscribe to it as it is just that good. I did throw in some sundried tomatoes to richen the sauce and then added some cheese on top. I served it over brown rice. Due to my dairy intolerance, I use soy cheese. Not all soy cheeses are created equal but Okanagan cheddar loaf is about as close as I have found to the real thing for texture anyway. You can't really replicate the tangy taste of a good cheddar. I have had to accept that and move on. I'm over it now. There are plenty of other foods I love that I focus on.

And if all this sounds dangerously healthy, I will add that during the course of the day I had a lemon popsicle and also went to the movies and ate popcorn and a kitkat bar. No day is truly complete without some kind of chocolate. That's a whole other post....

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