Friday, May 28, 2010

Culinary Confessional

There are two posts today as I didn't manage to get Thursdays post up in time.
This is Thursdays recap:
overnight no cook oatmeal
Technically it started on Weds night as I prepared my breakfast. Ms MJ had recently discovered that you can prepare oatmeal by soaking it overnight in milk or water and then in the morning it's ready to go, no cooking required. I was keen to try it and used almond milk as my soaking liquid. It all went to plan and when I checked on it in the morning, it looked well and truly ready. I added some chopped dates, chopped apple, cinnamon and honey. MMmmmMMM it was exceptionally good, I'm definitely hooked and really like the quickness of it and having less washing up to do.

Leftover chicken curry
I was on a course and as predicted sandwiches were the lunch provided so I was happy to have bought my own leftover curry. I located a man who had access to a microwave and hey presto...lunch is served.

The rest of the day is all lumped into one list because, well, that's the best representation of how it occurred. I finished the training course, went home for about 30 mins, back to work for an evening event and then to the Raven pub after and then stayed over at Ms P's house overnight. I'm not going to include the amounts of each food. I contemplated not posting anything for this day but I committed to write about what I ate and...yes, I ate all this:

baked beans
soy cheese
marshmallows covered in chocolate from chocolate fountain
pineapple covered in chocolate from chocolate fountain (a surprisingly delicious combo)
mini cupcake (from Cupcakes)
edamame (steamed soy bean pods)
mini ribs
red wine
ginger lemon cookies
dark mint chocolate

And that was Thursday. It was a lot of fun but Friday needs to look a leetle bit different.

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