Friday, May 28, 2010

Sushi Surprise

After Thursday night's overindulgence, I needed Fridays food to be a bit healthier.

Apple and green tea with honey

A small breakfast, likely because I was still going on calories from Thurs night. I was still thinking about the chocolate fountain too.


Several of my co-workers headed out to the nearby sushi restaurant, Genji, for a quick lunch. I was about to leave the building when I was called upon to assist as a first aider as someone playing badminton had twisted their ankle. After ice and a tensor bandage were applied, I hoped I still had time to eat with my co-workers who had gone ahead not knowing where on earth I had disappeared to. I raced over there and luckily, I know what I want to eat so don't have to waste time deliberating over a menu. I chose miso soup, avocado roll and split an order of tuna and salmon sashimi with Ms MJ. It was all good, it always is there. Their avocado is always perfect and my co-workers and I determined that they were particularly buttery. I wonder who their supplier is? another co-worker ordered the bento box and each day there is a "surprise" component. Today it was hard to tell what it might be. It looked somewhat like a deep fried sea urchin about the size of a ping pong ball. Ms MJ was brave enough to try and it and passed some on to me too. It turned out to be a deep fried ball of mashed sweet potato and yam. It was really rather good and I would order it again. I have never even noticed it on the menu before so I was really happy to have tasted something new.

Leftover chicken curry (yes, again)
I went for a workout after work. It was a stellar workout and I sweated out at least half of Thursdays list in the process. I didn't get home 'til close to 8pm and was very happy to know that I had one more portion of my curry left that I heated up right away and tucked into. I know I have eaten this meal 3 times in the past 3 days but it was really delicious AND I hate wasting food. I rarely cook a meal that just serves one.It's so much more satisfying to make a big pan full of food, isn't it? I lead a very busy life and so leftovers are essential and they always prompt curiosity and questions from those around me and I love talking about food so that works for me!

Today I have felt very inspired as a result of the event I was at last night. Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait were guest speakers at the event. They are the founders of They ran all around North America for one year, covering 11000 miles which means they ran a marathon every day for a year. Yes you read that correctly. They are from Vancouver and did a lot of their run training in North Van. I was lucky enough to chat with them before their presentation and WOW were they inspiring! The goal of their mammoth task was to raise awareness about being environmentally kind and helping our abused planet. I am inspired to do something big, bigger than I am, but I am not sure what yet. I think I will start small for now, I already do a lot of green things but I could do better and will. This weekend I am starting my vegetable garden and I'll ponder about bigger things as I dig and sow my seeds.


  1. I read about Stephanie & Matt when they were preparing for their big year and I was also inspired & intrigued. That's so cool you were able to meet them! I wish I had been there with you last night :(
    I STILL miss PG!

  2. Yes they are amazing! Before they decided to do the challenge, Stephanie had never run a marathon and actually was still injured from a car crash and couldn't run much in general. To go from that to 11000 miles is just mind boggling!
    PG misses you too!

  3. Wow! That's so intense about Stephanie. I can't wrap my head around that at all!