Thursday, August 25, 2011

From coast to coast in one crazy month

HELLO READERS!!!!! Yes it really is me, I am blogging again, finally. I do not actually really have time but I am needing a break from packing, sorting, repacking, resorting and a lot of waiting for people from craigslist to show up (or not).
It has been about 3 weeks since the decision to move to Halifax and I think PB and I win the award for most efficient cross country movers, especially seeing as PB has been gone from BC since early August.
In the space of 3 weeks, we rented an apartment via Kijiji, packed up, sold all our furniture, spent a week in Halifax interviewing for jobs (me) and working (PB) as well as moving into the aforementioned apartment and getting acclimatised to Halifax, and the humidity!
I have never been to the East Coast before, in fact, as far as Canada goes, I have never been out of BC so this really is an adventure. After an intense week of working, packing, and a lot more of both of those, I took the red eye, via Toronto to Halifax to meet PB who was flying there from his old job in Winterpeg.
We both loved Halifax right away and our first meal there was definitely one to blog about!
We went downtown to pick up our car rental for the week and the driver directed us to a pub that served big portions of good food for good prices and lots of beers on tap. The pub was great, lots of wood and casual atmosphere. Beer was good and menu was simple pub grub. I was trying to be healthy and avoid fried food so I opted for what was listed as 5 mini burgers. Great I thought...that is perfect, I can have 3 and PB can have 2. Well....what came out was 5 regular sized burgers on a platter with nothing else! The first image in my head was of the cartoon character Wimpy from Popeye as he ate loads of burgers. There was bun and burger patty.....x5.
No greens, no onions, no limp piece of iceberg masquerading as lettuce. I ate 2 and declined the doggy bag for the rest. Great value if you need to eat a lot of burgers or sharing them with 4 friends but a little excessive for moi. Anyway, it made for a fun experience and I would go back there for the beer and the craic.
The rest of the week was spent roughing it in foodie terms as we had an empty kitchen so rustled up wraps, salads and even PB and J sandwiches one day for lunch.
Now i am back in BC and trying to clear out the fridge, pantry and freezer and have had one too many meals of sardines on toast that I must stop in order to avoid the point of no return wherein, I will hate them forever, despite formerly loving them. This happened to me with cream of mushroom soup years ago.
I have one week left in BC and plan to eat most of my meals out , in good company and enjoy the abundance of cheap sushi and also Safeway wraps and sandwiches which I love. I did not see a single Safeway in Halifax but I did see lots of new foodie places to try out an am looking forward to discovering a new city and its array of new foods.
Stay posted for more updates soon....bring on the Lobster!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heading East.....waaaay East some big news, hence the lack of recent postings!
PB applied for and got offered a job in Halifax, Nova Scotia. So it's all systems GO for the big move in only 4 weeks time. During that time, I am away camping for one weekend, will pay a preliminary visit to Halifax to secure an apartment and attend job interviews and of course, pack up and move out the house we just moved into 1 month ago. Not a lot of cooking has been happening lately and I don't anticipate it happening any time soon seeing as I have a fridge, freezer and pantry full of food to eat through before I leave. I'm looking forward to meals such as beans on toast, quinoa and chickpea salad and lots of chicken as my freezer is full of the stuff from my recent visit to Thrifty foods where it was buy one get one free (BOGO).
Also trying to purge purge purge as much stuff as possible to reduce moving costs and general hassle of storing etc.
I've sold most of the big pieces of furniture, including my bed so i'll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks. I'm on my third round of sorting through my clothes too. It's hard to toss good stuff that I like but do I really want to cart it from one side of Canada to the other?
I'm uber excited for this adventure though, and can't wait to get there and get to know the place, the restaurants, the culture, the people and the beautiful scenery. Winter will be a shock to my system but maybe I will prefer snow to relentless rain.
So the blog will be on hiatus for a while, maybe a month, as my priorities lie elsewhere but you can bet I will be back with lots of exciting things to report. See you on the East Coast!