Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hooray for Hummus

I generally do not plan my weekend meals as I have time during the days to decide what I want to cook and can go out and buy what I need during the day. Today I actually did do some advance planning but still left some details open.

Overnight oatmeal
Of course, I had to plan this meal as it was started on Friday night. I again used almond milk for the soaking liquid. I tried to determine how the oatmeal is different from the cooked variety and the best way I can describe it is that it's more like rice pudding in texture. It's smooth and mushy but still has some structure. I added dates and cinnamon but I think next time I make it I will soak the dates in with the oatmeal overnight and see how that turns out.

Mushroom and barley soup
I prefer to make my own soups but I saw this at Real Canadian Superstore and it caught my eye. I heated it up and ate it with some crackers. It was good but I could tell it was from a can. Homemade soup is always better but today I did not have time between the gym and my other errands for the day.

Masala Hummus and crackers
I love hummus. I love curry. Curry flavoured hummus=genius? I saw this also at Real Canadian Superstore and wondered if it would indeed taste so right or so wrong. It was so so right...why did I not think of it myself?

peppercorn steak with balsamic caramelised onions and oven baked baby potatoes

I had taken some steaks (courtesy of Mr and Mrs J) out of the freezer on Friday night but had not decided what to make with them until my guest, Ms K, arrived at 7pm. I began to list off some possible recipes but got no further than the first one suggested. I have made it before and I was secretly hoping she would choose it, which she did. Great minds (or should that be palates) think alike. We sipped wine and chatted as I stirred the onions and Ms K crushed peppercorns for the steak in my pestle and mortar. I served the dish with wilted garlic spinach. Simple, tasty and bright green.

Suitably stuffed, we retired across the room (a distance of about 6 feet) to the couch to continue our evening over a box of mint thins for dessert. They were not After Eights but pretty similar except the chocolate was a little thicker. No problem there.

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  1. You always make me chuckle a little when I read these posts, Sally. I love it that you can make a food diary so funny and readable!