Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fluffy and Flake-y

Banana and almond butter.
This time not from a squeezy pack seeing as I was at home, I could manage the jar/knife combo with ease.

Leftover mushroom ragu.
The garlic and herbs had co-mingled even more with the mushrooms so it tasted even better than last night although it was sans cheese as I had none left. I ate lunch at work. It was my day off but I had plans to meet one of my co-workers there on her lunch break so we could catch up as our shifts do not usually cross. We had a great lunch talking about big life changing things like relationships and personal enlightenment. The food took a back seat to the conversation but I still left
feeling satisfied and with more food for thought. Thanks Ms S.

Tamari roasted almonds
These are totally addictive. Crunchy, salty and moorish. Take them away from me!

Baked potato stuffed with chill, mushrooms and caramelised onions
Rhubarb crumble (modified)

I headed downtown to spend the afternoon with a friend, let's call her Ms K, at her place. We chilled and chatted over tea and then walked down Denman Street in search of something hearty and filling to tuck into. Denman Street is the perfect place to be if you are hungry. Every 2nd shop is a cafe or restaurant and you can get any cuisine you like, pronto and cheap. We settled on a place that sells gigantic baked potatoes and you can choose your own fillings or have one of their suggestions. Think pizza type toppings style; Hawaiian, Mexican, Meat Feast etc. We both opted for build-your-own and chose chili as the main topping. We were allocated 2 more toppings each as included in the $4.99 price. There were loads to choose from, kinda like a gelato shop but with bacon bits instead of sprinkles. I chose mushrooms (guess I have a craving today) and caramelised onions. Ms K also chose the onions but went for the dairy option of sour cream. Cheese was also included but I declined.
The verdict? I was clearly very hungry as I polished off the whole thing pretty quick and the potato was exceptionally fluffy inside. The chill was good but not spicy and the onions did not compare to my homemade version but they are hard to beat. All in all, great value and taste for $4.99. Couldn't have made it cheaper myself and of course the company of Ms K was top notch.
Ms K then suggested we whip up a rhubarb crumble for dessert so we cracked open some red wine (essential sipping while creating culinary masterpieces) and got to work. The topping was supposed to be made of wheat, sugar and butter but I have to be strictly off wheat this weekend in preparation for the triathlon so we substituted oats instead. It worked really well and we threw in some random additions of flaxmeal, pumpkin seeds and filberts and then pulverized it all in the food processor. While the crumble cooked, I gave Ms K an impromptu lesson in how to use Itunes.

Chocolate of the day
I've had a Cadbury's flake in my fridge for the past week. Every time I opened the door, it looked me square in the eyes and today was it's last day. I intended only to eat half and then eat half later. Haha...yeah.

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