Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spicy Shrimp Sizzle

Banana with almond butter

Cadbury's 100 calorie Dairy Milk Thin in Dark Sensation flavour
(these were on sale at Safeway for 69c each)

Leftover Surprise
I had nothing exciting in the fridge so delved in to the freezer in the hopes of finding something exciting for lunch. I had a few tupperware containers in there containing...something I some point in the past few weeks...who knows what.
I grabbed one of the frozen containers and hoped for the best. It turned out to be leftover spicy chorizo pasta from last week....good choice! Perfect comfort food for the continuing crappy weather that returned after the one nice sunny day.

Purdy's Fruit Jellies
These were not mine but were being passed around at the staff meeting at precisely the dangerous time of the day that makes any sugar based food, especially one that is free, irrestible to myself and, it appears, anyone else that is human. These jellies fit that description and as expected, hit the spot perfectly.

Shrimp Salsa Sizzle
I had a run on the treadmill after work with Ms MJ and we did some intervals and got our calorie burn ON! A quick stretch and foam roll on the tight leg muscles and then home for a quick meal before heading out to kickboxing. I whipped up a one pot random mix of shrimp, chopped peppers, zucchini and salsa. I had half a tub of fresh salsa that needed using up today so this was perfect. I like to keep shrimp in the freezer as they keep well and cook so quickly if short on time. Safeway often has shrimp on sale for half price or buy one get one free so I stock up from time to time. Safeway is my least favourite supermarket as they are more expensive than the others and their range of foods is usually poor. However, when stuff is on sale there, it's usually a really good price so as long as you stick to the sale items only, you can make some big savings. Salsa makes a great improv sauce for lots of dishes. You can add chicken or pork as well as shrimp, or even just veggies. My favourite fresh salsa is from Real Canadian Superstore. It's not too watery or acidic.
I served the Shrimp dish over rice with some sliced avocado on the side and ate in early enough that I would be able to comfortably kickbox later on.

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