Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memories of Monday

Okay, I now remember what I ate on Monday last week. My previous post stated I couldn't recall but it was probably leftovers, salad etc. I made a gourmet salad consisting of the usual base salad leaves, avocado and some other random additions. The star of the salad though was chimichurri steak. I have various recipes for this in cookbooks and magazines but have never made it. I purchased a nice steak, when you are cooking for one,even the most costly cut is less than $10 for a decent sized portion.
Chimichurri steak originates from Argentina and is basically a spicy, tangy herby sauce. The recipe I used deviated from the classic by using cilantro instead of parsley.
Other ingredients in the sauce were balsamic vinegar, garlic, olive oil, dried oregano, chile flakes and salt and pepper. I cooked the steak rare, the only way to eat it, and took some time to slice it nicely and arrange the salad for photographic purposes. The sauce from the steak doubled as the salad dressing. The avocado was very ripe, hence it looking like a big dollop of green on the side of the salad. And all the cilantro seemed to pour out together over the middle of the steak but it did taste scrummy. I will make this again and am thinking it would taste really good over BBQ steak.

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