Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tis the season to be berry

As promised, here is the daily blog update which I intend to continue with for the duration of my time recovering. Having ample time to research recipes, a decent internet connection (which I did not have until I moved here last week) and a fantastic kitchen for cooking in means I should easily be able to fulfill this commitment.
Today's time in the kitchen was spent making a recipe from a blog that a friend and colleague, GGG, sent to me. The blog is called Berry Blue Toes which has tonnes of raw and healthy but really tasty recipes. I also love the blog name and the font used for the main page blog title! The writer also blends the recipes wit knowledge of chakras. A bit spiritual but that interests me. This recipe is good for the third chakra which is associated with the pituitary gland, eyes, nose, ears and skeletal system. Probably a good thing for me to be eating for my bone bruise then.

I modified the recipe a bit by adding Mary's Ginger Crackers in place of some of the oatmeal. I also plan to add some chia seeds and hemp seeds next time to increase the fibre and protein content further. I also made (sans recipe!) a creamy coconut drizzle to pour on.

Raw Berry Crisp

* 6C of mixed Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries
* 2 tsp of maple syrup/honey/agave nectar
* 1C of pre Soaked Raw Walnuts
* 1/2T of vanilla
* 1/2C of Slivered Almonds
* 1t of cinnamon
* 1/2c dried Cranberries
* 1C of chopped dates
* 1C of Rolled Oats

In a dish mix berries and cranberries with honey maple syrup and vanilla. In a food processor pulse nuts, cinnamon, dates and oats. Serve in parfait cups layered or layer in a medium sized square cake pan (berries under nut mix on top) - best chilled in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

I used 2 tsp maple syrup in my first version and I substituted 1/2 cup of oatmeal for 3 Mary's ginger cookies.
These are a recent find and are allergy free. Mary's does savory crackers too and I'm sure they will be coming out with more products. I certainly home so. They can be purchased at London Drugs and some Superstores. Probably Whole Foods too, who incidentally have the best price for Mary's products but only when they are on sale which is a couple of times a year but they go on sale for half price. Most other stores only knock $1-2 off the retail price. Costco does sell bulk boxes of the savory crackers so they may eventually do the sweet ones too. Berry season is in full bloom in BC at the moment. Berry stands and farmers markets have overflowing punnets of cherries, raspberries and strawberries galore. Blueberries are not quite in season yet so we're still getting them from Southern Cali at the moment but my friend, D, bought me over some frozen blueberries from her mom's garden last year that were frozen so I used those in this dish along with some BC blackberries and raspberries from just across the border in Washington state that the Condiment Queen and Pb senior picked up on their recent jaunt there. Last year I grew strawberries in my vegetable garden and amassed as many as 6 strawberries in my haul. This year, my strawberry plant was on steroids or something as it was producing many more and way earlier than anyone else I know. Sadly I had to leave it as I moved house and didn't want to uproot it but it was nice to know the legacy of my tenancy there will remain. Not sure how important soaking the walnuts is but I did it anyway. I just put them in a bowl and put some water in and left them overnight. They had soaked up most of the water by morning and looked all plumpy.
I layered the dish as directed and placed it in the fridge but you can't see the beauty of the berries as they are covered so I pulled out my solo surviving martini glass and layered up in that for the impending photo op.
The blog suggested drizzling coconut milk over the top but I thought this would be too watery so I made my own Creamy Coconut Drizzle from coconut cream in a box (sulphite free) which GGG discovered at Superstore.
It's basically solid at room temp. I plunked it in the food processor with 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tbs creamy honey. I added 1/2 cup boiling water and carefully blended until creamy. I dipped my pinky in and had a wee taste.....OMG! Deeeeeeviiine! I could just sit and eat that! I think it would be good frozen too. But as the intended drizzle, perfect!

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