Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Snow joke, BBQ season is ON!

As mentioned a recent post, PB and I recently purchased our first own BBQ. After lots of research and speaking to dealers and reading consumer forums, we settled on a Canadian made Napoleon. We got a great deal as it was last years model and they only had a couple left. The box was huge and heavy, but PB and I managed between the two of us and he spend the next few ours constructing it in the garage. It looked wonderful but it order to use it, we had to haul it up 2 sets of deck stairs. This thing was not light and didn't have a lot of areas you could really hold on to easily. We got it across the lawn and realised we would need to be more creative to get it up the first flight as we couldn't both fit on the stairs width-ways at the same time. So out came the wood ramps PB had previously bought and we shoved it up the (very steep) incline, with our victory short lived as we faced the second flight. This was easier though as they were very wide steps. We got er done in the end and planned our first meal...simple beef tenderloin, with nothing but olive oil, salt and pepper. We fired it up, opened up a nice bottle of red we had been saving for the occasion and salivated as we saw the smoke rise and swiftly be blown away by the strong wind and snowflakes that were blowing horizontally past PB's face as he opened the grill. We served a side of roasted vegetables and frostbite.
Since we bought the BBQ just about 3 weeks ago, we've lived off the thing and we keep it really simple, just protein and vegetables. We've been cooking breakfast sausages on there, salmon filets, pork tenderloin, beef tenderloin, chicken breast, chicken thighs, homemade burgers and assorted vegetables. Even with just seasoning and oil, everything tastes amazing and there is no washing up of pots and pans! BBQ is a year round cooking method for us now, the only thing that stops it is strong winds but that's it. Easter brunch sausages were BBQ'd right after we cleared off the snow that fell overnight on Easter Saturday (see pic at top of post!).

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