Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Germination Nation

So, it's now April 4th, just 5 days since I planted my seeds and so much action has taken place!
The broccoli seeds seem the most aggressive, they all have sprouts about an inch high. I had put 2 seeds in each cell and they all germinated so I snipped off the 2nd sprout to allow the alpha sprout to do it's thang.
The leeks, tomatoes, basil and alyssum have also sprouted too but no signs of life from the pepper seeds or the lobelia yet. Now that most seeds have sprouted, I need to remove the lids of the trays and no longer need the additional heat source of the oil heater. now they just need water and light, and lots of it. I must check the seeds 2-3 times a day and ensure the cells are wet in the bottom and slightly dry on top. I must rotate the seed trays daily to prevent the seeds growing towards the light.....they love the light!
As they start to grow, I will need to move them to bigger pots, which I plan to construct/recycle from random things around the house like yogurt containers. Oh wait, I don't eat yogurt. Hmmm, plan B?
Construction of the raised beds is due over Easter weekend, as we can get some cooler weather crops out before the last frost. Super excited to see things grow but nervous about the abundant deer in our area who were walking all over the soon-to-be vegetable patch on Sunday. They appreciate home grown goodies too, apparently.

On the BBQ front, we've been using it like crazy. My latest love is a plain ol' salmon filet with salt pepper and olive oil. So simple, so tasty, so MMMMMmmmmMMMMM. Crispy salmon skin rules!
I served it with a side (under?) of the avocado and mango salsa I made a few weeks prior (click here for recipe). I also topped it with my homegrown cress seed. I liked it so much, I planned to make it the next night but mother nature decided to send down a windstorm that blew out the propane flames, even though the top of the BBQ was down. The up-side was that the wind dispersed the propane gas sufficiently to eliminate any chance of major explosion. So back to pan frying (and consequent washing up pans after) it was. Still yummy as pictured below:

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