Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shout out to Steph!

Steph (aka Ms Crow Pose) is PB's sister, a fellow foodie and an excellent cook. She is also great at buying presents and PB and I were very excited to receive a package from her when we moved into the new place. It contained 4 very well wrapped gifts that were clearly not easy shapes to wrap. PB and I grabbed one each and opened them simultaneously after "cheers-ing" with them as we do with many things just because. The first one was the largest and heaviest and a clear candidate for best idea ever....A jar of Maple Bacon Peanut Butter! (Maple Maniac will literally cry tears of joy, or even maple, when she hears about this). Of course I opened it and had a sample right away....yup, that will do nicely.
2nd was a smaller cylinder that materialised into a hot chili sriracha style sauce. I LOVE hot sauce and put it on everything from rice to avocado and even in my green tea and it's great as a dip for marshmallows. okay okay, not the green tea or marshmallow bit. Just highlighting how much I love the stuff. The new kid on the fridge door block is not going to last long I can tell.
3rd and 4th gifts were again "cheers-ed" and ripped open to reveal Japanese Sesame Salt made by the Hot Chick Spice Company whom I love and have mentioned before so click here if you want to read about it. I have made sushi a few times and so I'm keen to make something amazing using this and also to try it as a rub for meats and fish, salmon in particular.
4th and final gift was some gourmet pasta, but not made of wheat.....thanks Steph, so considerate :-) Instead it is made of pumpkin, rice and ginger. And we all know how much I LOVE ginger. I will have to ask Steph to reveal her sources as I'm going to need more and I'm sure as word spreads, others will too and we don't want any riots do we? (Maple Maniac, I'm talking to you).

I'm thinking a good challenge would be to create a dish with all 4 of these ingredients in....Iron Chef style-ee. Now I just need to get Iron Chef Morimoto to come to my house somehow....

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