Monday, December 26, 2011

Avo Appy

Merry Christmas to all my readers...hope you are still out there reading despite distinct lack of recent updates. Do not worry, I have been eating and cooking but very busy working 2 jobs and buying a well as Christmas occuring. It's all been good and now that most of the craziness is over (except the actual move next week), I now have a moment to breathe and blog.
PB and I love our appies and this is one that we created together recently. It does come with a warning though, they taste really good so be prepared to eat every single one you make and be too full for your main course!

Prosciutto avocado toasties
Sliced crusty loaf
Super thin prosciutto cut into 1 inch wide x 2 inch long slices
Medium ripe avocado, sliced
Olive oil for brushing

Put broiler/grill on med-high heat.
While it's heating, prepare the topping by wrapping the avocado slices in the prosciutto slices.
brush slices of bread with olive oil on both sides and place on broiler/grill pan.
Broil/grill bread until lightly toasted and flip over and repeat.
Remove bread from broiler/grill and top each piece with avocado/prosciutto rolls.


  1. Sally - Happy New Year to you both. Love the look of your pizza - my kind of pizza! What is 'strong flour'?

    Bought a house, great to hear! We miss you at P/G.

    Keep on blogging! C-A

  2. I usually use Robin Hood All purpose (the original recipe said Strong so I thought I should write that).
    Miss you too!!!