Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sushi Dreams Do Come True

I've now been in Halifax for 2 weeks (with a 3 days trip to Toronto in there) and have settled well in to the kitchen. I've eaten almost 100% of my meals at home but today after making some big decisions with regard to my career, I decided I was very deserving of lunch out...and that meant one thing....sushi!
THere is a sushi place close to home here but it's average in quality, serving size, menu range and it's a little overpriced but then all East coast sushi seems overpriced compared to Vancouver.
I took a little drive in the car and headed for the first sushi place I saw, Sakura Sushi House on Bedford Highway. This was probably about a 7-8km drive. Slight contrast to Vancouver where half the sushi restaurants in the world can be found within in the same distance, and all will be full. I had high hopes as always, but prepared myself for overpriced, standard sushi fare. I chose a house salad with ginger dressing, tuna tataki and 3 pcs of salmon sashimi. The restaurant was nicely busy, always a good sign and the menu was extensive although I have yet to find one of my fave dishes, Gomae (steamed spinach with sesame sauce) anywhere in existence out East. Not quite sure why, hence me ordering the salad in place of my usual green hit. The salad came out first and looked great. Not your average house salad. There was a huge pile of the fresh ginger dressing which was more like grated ginger and orange and fairly thick. No oil or vinegar that I could discern. The dressing was clearly freshly made and tasted as such. I was uber-hungry but I'm trying not to inhale my food as much so I took my time. Don't give me credit for having will power though. Chopsticks.
'nuff said.By the time the salad was finished, my sashimi had arrived. The salmon looked very fresh and they were big thick pieces. Some of my West coast sushi joints served very small portions of sashimi for a moderate price. This portion was definitely worthy of the $6 price tag. I polished off 2 pcs and then my tataki arrive. Tataki is very lightly seared tuna that is 99% raw except for the outer .001 mm. Usually it is served plain with a ponzu dipping sauce. This version had a salsa of tomato, avocado and jalapeno on top and was dotted with teeny tiny black and red masago (fish roe-Zey pop like zee bubblezzz in your mouth). Most places serve the standard orange masago so the presentation here really "popped".
I took a pic on my phone and immediately posted to Facebook, a new tool I have since I finally entered the world of data plans. And then it was gone.
I am so happy to have found a quality sushi restaurant to support my addiction... I mean appreciation of raw fish. My goal now is to recreate the ginger orange salad dressing in the comfort of my own food processor.

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  1. I'm so glad you found a place! I love the pic, you should post pics of your new Eastern Canada food adventures.
    Miss you!