Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cilantro Solution

Just a quickie post, spurred on by me just unpacking my groceries. I buy a bunch of cilantro every week, sometimes too for use primarily in guacamole, salsa, salmon burgers and curries. I find it deteriorates very rapidly when left in the fridge unpackaged, even in the crisper. In fact, I find the crisper drawer makes it worse. I have 4 methods of storage that I have found work best:
1) store bunch in an airtight tupperware container
2) store bunch in a ziplock bag
3)chop cilantro when you buy it and store in tupperware container (this works well when you don't have a spare container large enough to hold the bunch and stems). Also saves time when cooking as it is already chopped!
4) put bunch in a glass of water and store in the fridge. This option comes with a warning! Do not get any of the cilantro water on your hands! After a couple of days, if you have not refreshed the water, it may get slimy and while the leaves at the top are fine, the stem bases are not. The smell is so foul and, of course, does NOT wash off easily. It's as if it permeates all 7 layers of skin immediately. Also when disposing of the water, use your waste disposal unit and lots of lemon and bicarb of soda or your kitchen will smell like your hand (or other body part you managed to splash).

Do you have any tips for storage of food items that spoil easily? Please share!

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