Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heading East.....waaaay East some big news, hence the lack of recent postings!
PB applied for and got offered a job in Halifax, Nova Scotia. So it's all systems GO for the big move in only 4 weeks time. During that time, I am away camping for one weekend, will pay a preliminary visit to Halifax to secure an apartment and attend job interviews and of course, pack up and move out the house we just moved into 1 month ago. Not a lot of cooking has been happening lately and I don't anticipate it happening any time soon seeing as I have a fridge, freezer and pantry full of food to eat through before I leave. I'm looking forward to meals such as beans on toast, quinoa and chickpea salad and lots of chicken as my freezer is full of the stuff from my recent visit to Thrifty foods where it was buy one get one free (BOGO).
Also trying to purge purge purge as much stuff as possible to reduce moving costs and general hassle of storing etc.
I've sold most of the big pieces of furniture, including my bed so i'll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks. I'm on my third round of sorting through my clothes too. It's hard to toss good stuff that I like but do I really want to cart it from one side of Canada to the other?
I'm uber excited for this adventure though, and can't wait to get there and get to know the place, the restaurants, the culture, the people and the beautiful scenery. Winter will be a shock to my system but maybe I will prefer snow to relentless rain.
So the blog will be on hiatus for a while, maybe a month, as my priorities lie elsewhere but you can bet I will be back with lots of exciting things to report. See you on the East Coast!

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