Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stroganoff.... but not as we know it

Tonight I got home at 7pm after being out all day and all I knew was that I had some cooked chicken from the weekend roast and I was hungry. I looked in the fridge and saw a bag of mushrooms that I had bought for a dish I must have planned but not gotten to, some fresh spinach and not a lot else of use. Except condiments, lots of condiments, and in particular...grainy mustard. Bingo! I could transform the chicken into a delicious, nutritious dinner in mere minutes!
I sliced the mushrooms, pan fried them with some garlic and oil and then added the cooked chicken to heat through. I stirred in a couple of tablespoons of grainy mustard and then added 160ml (super convenient mini-can from London Drugs) of coconut milk but all you non-lactose intolerant lucky peeps out there can add double cream instead. I heated it through and then it was done. I wilted the spinach with some garlic and served the chicken concoction and spinach with it. It was delicious and rich and very satisfying to my hunger. And I have leftovers. Not technically a stroganoff as there was no beef, or cream in it, but it was a healthy, tasty, allergen free version that scored big on taste. That is a success in my book.

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